About Vicky's Pili


To reach every family and have the pili nuts tasted in every home.


To make every Filipino proud of our own indigenous product by providing authentic, traditional yet premium and delectable delicacy out of organic pili produce.


Vicky’s Pili & Food Products was established in 1981 as a family business by husband and wife team, Joe/Boy (Jose Orense Navarro Jr.) and Tia Vicky (Victoria Bernardo Navarro). Started as a small venture on pilinut trading and processing, the business have gradually grown over the years. The firm’s processed pili food products/delicacies likewise became favorite “pasalubong” items for local and foreign tourists. Mr. Joe Navarro, also became a leader of the local pili industry and played active role in its development and promotion. Because of this, Mr. Navarro became one of the first Magsasaka Syentista (M.S. / Farmer Scientist) in Sorsogon province recognized by the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Phil. Council for Agriculture and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD).

In the years that followed however, the tireless business couple, both already in their late sixties, suffered physical illness. Tia Vicky who takes care of the business finance and candies production, was downed by Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or the so called   Lou Gehrig‘s disease, a motor neuron disease while Joe’s arthritis became worse. Business momentum slowed down as the couple sought to recover from their debilitating illness.

In September of 2010, one of the Navarro siblings in the person of Myra Zandra N. Gestiada took over the management of the business not only to keep it afloat but rather to take it to new heights and challenges. A business course graduate, Myra’s immersion in the family business since birth honed her perfectly for the job. Immediately she executed new order of priorities starting with the renovation of the store building as well as the processing areas which was financially assisted by the eldest sibling Marsha N. Chua. Myra likewise reorganized Vicky’s Pili & Food Products operation and trained new workers for the company. She now focuses on  upgrading packaging materials to lengthen shelf life of processed pili candies and for a more acceptable product presentation.